Deubelskerl Kilpax® Cotton Jacket for Men (Olive)

Men's jacket made of durable cotton fabric for daredevils
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Whether climbing tour, tightrope walk or steeply uphill: The athletic Deubelskerl Kilpax® Cotton Jacket for Men is made to support you during exciting activities and adrenaline rushes. The complex production process makes your Kilpax Cotton Deubelskerl a 100 % naturally strong functional jacket without chemical additives (impregnated PFC-free). The weaving technique originally invented for fire hoses stands out with a durable and dense fabric surface. For that reason, your Deubelskerl is the ideal top layer of clothing that optimally complements your body equipment for outdoors.

Windbreaker and rain shield
Petromax Kilpax® Cotton is made of untreated and very fine cotton yarn which is then solidified into a close-knit fabric. Thus, the jacket becomes a natural windbreaker and effectively protects you from storm gusts as well as flying sparks. Simultaneously, the dense cotton structure is enduringly water-repellent: As soon as the material comes into contact with rain the cotton fibres swell and condense the surface of the jacket.

Healthy body climate
As a special feature the Deubelskerl Kilpax® Cotton Jacket for Men reliably holds off rain but at the same time easily transports moisture from the inside out. Breathability is your biggest benefit when you have to pull out all stops during a strenuous ascent. That way, your Deubelskerl, made of 100 % sustainable and natural cotton, provides you with the best possible body climate. During particularly high exertion the pockets with mesh lining serve for additional ventilation.

Areas of application:
Your Deubelskerl Kilpax® Cotton Jacket is especially suitable for leisure and sports activities such as climbing, hiking and cycling, because as light top layer of clothing it actively withstands all weather and at the same time supports the natural regulation of body climate. For a plus in performance your Kilpax® Cotton Deubelskerl is impregnated PFC-free.

The Product features of your Kilpax® Cotton Deubelskerl at a glance
Hood adjustable in three positions, high collar, two chest pockets and two large side pockets (one-handed operation, lined with mesh), cuffs with hook and loop fastener, adjustable elastic bottom, two-way zip, embroidered dragon logo at waist level.

What is Petromax Kilpax® Cotton?
Petromax Kilpax® Cotton is a 100 % natural material, manufactured in a complex production process and thus becoming very high-performance. Developed in the beginning of the 20th century it was used for making fire hoses. Later clothing for expeditions and military were manufactured from the durable natural textile. During production the cotton is first spun into a delicate yarn and then woven into a very close fabric. Solely due to this process your clothing made of Petromax Kilpax® Cotton becomes in fact robust and resistant against wind and flying sparks. The strong Kilpax® functional fabric is also lastingly water-repellent, as the cotton fibres will swell when coming into contact with moisture. Thus, water ingress is prevented. At the same time Kilpax® Cotton clothing offers you natural breathability and a healthy body climate during active use under the open sky. For optimum usability your Kilpax® Cotton is impregnated without using any per- or polyfluorides (PFC-free).

How do I care for Kilpax® Cotton properly?
Your Petromax Kilpax® Cotton clothing is very low maintenance and when observing the following tips, it will last a lifetime: After rain showers or strenuous hikes a simple drying in fresh air or at room temperature suffices. You can dryly brush out coarse dirt such as mud carefully with a clothes brush. For severe soiling we explicitly recommend hand wash by means of an appropriate detergent. Petromax Kilpax® Cotton is also suitable for machine wash, you should however observe the instructions on the attached care label and only use a suitable detergent. Especially when machine washed, your Kilpax® Cotton clothing will, over time, obtain a distinctive, individual look similar to denim. You may iron Kilpax® Cotton. For that purpose, you should adjust the iron to medium and smooth out the garment surface with low pressure. For logo and lettering embroidery you should use ironing paper.

Technical Details
Outer material: 100% Kilpax® Cotton (cotton, woven)
Impregnation: without per- or polyfluorides (PFC-free)
Colours: Anthracite, Olive
Sizes: S – 5XL
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