Tripod Lashing (large)

Practical device for impromptu campfires
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What makes the Petromax Tripod Lashing the practical helper for large campfires

• Easy to set up campfires thanks to compact size
• Durable due to stainless steel device
• Stable position: pre-cut openings for branches
• Hang a Dutch Oven or Teakettle directly over the fire
• Set up anywhere using natural materials

With the Petromax Tripod Lashing it is possible to set up a campfire quickly and easily for outdoor cooking adventures. The campfire cook simply has to find three branches and trim them to size before leading them through the openings in the Tripod Lashing. After making a fireplace and adding a hook a Dutch Oven or Teakettle can be hung from the tripod. The length of the chain can be adjusted to move the pot closer to the fire. The Tripod Lashing is very compact to carry and is also suitable for building a tipi, for example.
The pack contains the Tripod Lashing, two hooks and a chain.

Technical details
Tripod Lashing (H x W x D): 0.3 x 14.7 x 14.7 cm
Weight of Tripod Lashing (approx.): 230 g
Total weight (incl. chain and hooks) (approx.): 625 g
Diameter for branches (max.): 5.5 cm
Material of Tripod Lashing: stainless steel
Material of chain and hooks: steel
Total length of chain with hook (max.): 80 cm

Scope of delivery
1 x Tripod Lashing
2 x hooks
1 x chain
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