Dry rack basket for Petromax Cool Box kx25

Dry Rack Basket to insert into the 25-litre Cool Box by Petromax
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Everything home and dry: With the special Dry Rack Basket for the Petromax Cool Box kx25, you keep delicate food separated from the ice. It also keeps open supplies or non-waterproof packages at a sufficient distance to the ice and yet well cooled and optimally preserved. The black basket made of powder-coated steel is cold- and moisture-proof. Simply placed on top of the inner edge of your Cool Box, it is ready to use and your food always at reach.

You can use up to two Dry Rack Baskets in your Petromax Cool Box kx25 at a time. We recommend filling the lower part with ice and beverages or meat up to a maximum height of 15 cm. This will keep the content of your basket dry at all times. Raw meat and fish as well as fatty foods need to be packaged hygienically so they do not come into direct contact with the Dry Rack Basket.

Technical details

Material: steel, powder-coated

Dimensions (H x W x D): 14 x 28 x 17.5 cm

Weight (g): 300

Scope of Delivery

1x Petromax Dry Rack Basket for Petromax Cool Box kx25

Technical data
Material: Steel, powder-coated
Weight: 0,3 kg

Scope of delivery
1 x
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