Cooking with fire – the original way of food preparation. Petromax offers any sort of outdoor kitchen: Fireplaces for safe handling of heat, the right equipment for cooking over your campfire in the woods as well as mobile solutions for your very own path into the adventure! No challenge even for true nomads: The Tent Oven Loki offers a fireplace for tents, tepees and co. Whether Tripod, Atago, Fire and Griddle Bowl, Dutch Oven Table, Cooking Stand or Fire Stand: Here you can find the basis of any good dish outdoors!

Make a fire
Every fire begins with a spark. Here you can find everything you need to spark off your campfire. Whether you prefer natural materials like the Fire Kit, combustion aids like the Petromax Firegel or a Professional Blowtorch as technical aid – leaping sparks are guaranteed for everyone’s needs! Furthermore, we offer our own coconut briquettes – Cabix Plus. With a high contact surface these briquettes are perfect for cooking with Dutch Ovens and cast-iron forms with lid.
Over the fire
Fire not only provides warmth but is the most natural way to cook food. Petromax offers cleverly designed products for the campfire which allow you to use the heat from the flames and satisfy any hunger, ranging from the compact Tripod to the versatile Fire Anchor and the comprehensive outdoor kitchen with the Fire Bridge. Petromax fulfils every desire.
Cooking with fire
There is hardly any other experience as natural as cooking with fire. During a survival training in the woods or relaxed at home: Petromax offers real alternatives allowing you to cook with fire, without setting up a whole fireplace. Here you find your matching pocket of embers.
Tent stove
The nights get cold during a mountain tour, fishing trip or wildlife expedition. The Loki easily dispels the cold and, in no time, radiates a comfortable warmth in your tent. At the same time, the Loki is a fully functional stove for pans and pots to be placed on the cooking surface. Doesn't matter if it is a tipi, a tent or pent roof: The Loki can be adjusted to your specific need, using the matching accessories.
Complete your fire kitchen and get an overview of the helpful accessories. Campfire Skewer and Cooking Stand make cooking with fire even more versatile and the Convection Lid turns the Atago into a pizza oven. The Trammel Hook holds your Dutch Oven always at the right distance. In addition, there are matching bags made of tear-resistant Ripstop mesh for the Fire Bowls, Fireboxes, the Atago and grill.
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