Dutch Oven and co.

Cast iron is the ultimate material when it comes to outdoor cooking! The robust, durable and heat resistant forms are made of grey cast iron and offer the possibility to cook, roast, braise or bake at the campfire. The excellent heat conductivity of the fine-pored cast offers a special quality and thus consistent cooking results. Whether rounded or angled Dutch Ovens or special formed irons for sandwiches, waffles and burgers – here you can find all cast iron products for your outdoor cooking adventure.

Pots and pans
The Dutch Oven is the classic among the cast-iron forms. The round pot made of cast iron provides various possibilities to cook, bake, roast and braise. The Dutch Oven is available in 14 different versions. All seven sizes are available with feet for a steady stand in the fire or with a plane bottom for use on the stove, in the oven or on the grill. But Petromax can also be edgy: The Loaf Pans k4 and k8 are your square Dutch Ovens, which are not only perfectly suited for cake and bread. Every hearty dish, such as lasagne, meat loaf and co., will be extra special in the loaf pan!
Special forms
Pros at the fire have nothing left to be desired with Petromax. Sandwiches, waffles or juicy burgers directly from the fire? A crispy chicken, juicily cooked in the Poultry Roaster? A hearty Ring Cake wrapped in bacon? Small meat loaf cakes from the Muffin Tin? It is perfect for everyone who wants to cook something special for his friends and himself at the campfire. The special forms made of cast iron open new possibilities in your outdoor kitchen!
Accessories and maintenance
All Petromax products are of high quality and longevity. Everything you may need for handling fire safely or to maintain your Dutch Ovens and Co. can be found here. In addition to the Care Conditioner, Chain Mail Cleaner and Scraper, we also provide you with the proper tools for cooking outdoors: Tongs, Spatula for grills and pans and Lid Lifters make outdoor cooking even easier. To keep you as mobile as possible, we provide custom-fit Bags for all Dutch Ovens and loaf pans, made of tear-resistant Ripstop mesh. Thereby, you are perfectly prepared for your next adventure!
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