Kettles, percolators and tableware

At a fire a hot beverage is a must! With the Petromax Percolators and Kettles, you heat up water or prepare coffee and tea wherever your adventure may be. The lightweight and heat resistant materials play out their full strength directly in the embers, on your grill or on your stove at home. With the hygienic tableware you are well-equipped on the camping site or on your nature excursion. The lightweight equipment fits in every trekking backpack and lets you carry the Petromax dragon with you every time.

The Petromax Teakettles allow you to heat up water, tea or other hot beverages over or directly in the fire, in no time. The kettles, available in three sizes (1.5 l, 3 l, 5 l), can be used on all regular stoves. Thanks to stainless steel as material, they are not only of particularly high quality and longevity but also a real eye-catcher. Used over the campfire or gas flame, these kettles let off steam.
The kettles by Petromax are versatile in use and perfectly suited for the outdoor kitchen. The Perkomax Percolators cannot only be used to boil water but also to freshly brew a strong coffee or tea, directly in the kettle. You have the choice between the high-quality enamelled Percolators in black or white or the versions made of stainless steel, in two sizes and with practical handle. The Petromax Fire Kettles are full of fire power: While water is boiled in the casing of the double-walled kettle, the cooking support is used to place a pot or pan on top of the kettle.
Real classics of good taste: Enamelled cups, bowls and plates in vintage design and matching to the enamelled versions of the Petromax Perkomax Percolators. The enamel tableware is especially well suited for adventures on the way, thanks to its low weight. It is easy to clean, durable and very hygienic, thanks to the stainless steel edge. They are available in black and white for the right accent!
Everything under control: In addition to the heat-resistant Aramid Gloves, you find spare parts, conditioner and fire lighter to heat up kettles and pots. There are also custom-fit bags made of tear-resistant Ripstop mesh for the fire kettles which, as part of your clever equipment, you can use to gather wood during your adventure.
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