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Small Firebox with pouch for globetrotters and outdoor enthusiasts.
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The design of the Petromax Firebox ensures a safe and protected fireplace, which is steady and leaves no burnt patches behind.

Resistance of the material
The precise cuts in the material serve as expansion joints and supply the fire with enough fresh air. They ensure that the Firebox does not become permanently distorted even at very high temperatures.

Easy to use
The Firebox can be assembled in just a few steps and took apart just as easily after each use. The parts made of stainless steel can then be cleaned problem-free and packed in the practical pouch made of water-repellent ripstop fabric. Moreover, practical accessories, e.g. the optional Oven Brackets or Legs for Firebox, can be packed along with the Petromax Firebox to save space.

Grilling, cooking and making coffee on the way
The Firebox can be completed with other Petromax products, e.g. the Petromax Tea and Coffee Percolator “Perkomax” or the Petromax Dutch Oven and be used in many different ways. Even Baking is possible, for the fire tray can be lifted up two levels with the optional Oven Brackets, so that baking is made possible between the ground of the Firebox and the fire tray.

Eco-friendly and sturdy
The Petromax Firebox is easy to assemble and to take apart, and accessories can easily be packed along with it. Moreover, it is robust and does not become distorted despite high temperatures. Finally, it is an eco-friendly and safe variant of the traditional campfire, for the fire burns exclusively in a separate fire tray and leaves thus no burnt patch behind.

Technical data
Material: stainless steel
Material (Bag): nylon

Scope of delivery
1 x Firebox fb1
1 x Transport Bag for Firebox fb1
1 x Instructions Manual (German/English/French)
Produkt tab - Technical specifications
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