Petromax Single-Burner Gas Table ge45-s-37

Petromax gas cooker with one burner and 37 mbar connection pressure
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The Petromax Gas Tables ge45-s-37/ ge90-s-37 may only be delivered and operated in the following countries of destination:

Countries of destination Device category, nozzle identification
Gas type, connection pressure, performance, consumption, reference
Andorra, Belgium, France, Greece,
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg,
Monaco, Portugal, San Marino, Switzerland
l3+ (28-30/37), 115 butane, 28-30 mbar, 5 kW, 383.4 g/h
propane, 37 mbar, 5 kW, 376.5 g/h,
butane, 28-30 mbar, 10 kW, 766.8 g/h
propane, 37 mbar, 10 kW, 753.0 g/h,
Poland l3P (37), 115 propane, 37 mbar, 5 kW, 376,5 g/h,
propane, 37 mbar, 10 kW, 753,0 g/h,

Why this small Gas Table is a powerful single burner with an output of 5 kW:

Flame at the touch of a button thanks to simple control with integrated piezo igniter
Continuous heat regulation via the rotary knob
Integrated flame monitoring with automatic cut-off of gas supply if the flame goes out
80 kg load capacity, ideal working height of 87 cm and all-round brackets for cooking equipment
Ideal combination with all Petromax cast-iron products, Percolators, Fire Kettles and Wrought-Iron Pans

The Petromax Gas Table is the ideal solution for experiencing fast cooking, even in places where an open fire is not permitted. Just the touch of a button is enough to spark concentrated flame power that heats up your cookware properly. The powerful 5 kW burner provides optimal heat distribution for your cast-iron pots and pans. It can accommodate all Dutch Oven models from size ft3. Using the control panel, you can continuously regulate the flame power at any time. Thanks to the 80 kg load capacity there are virtually no limits when it comes to your cooking plans. The working height of 87 cm brings comfort to your outdoor kitchen. All-round brackets keep your bbq tongs, gloves and dish towel in close reach.
The Petromax Gas Table renders cooking safe as well as fast. Integrated flame monitoring interrupts the gas supply if the flame goes out unintentionally. Thanks to the separable support legs and the removable windbreak you save space when stowing the Gas Table, making it ideal for transporting on your adventures. The unit is supplied with the correct adapter for the connection set available in the country of destination with the specified pressure regulator.

Technical details
Material: Steel, powder-coated, stainless steel
Dimensions when set up, approx.: 115.6 x 57.7 x 67.7 cm
Dimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 19 x 79 x 53.3 cm
Total weight, approx.: 13.3 kg
Weight with packaging, approx.: 15.8 kg

Scope of delivery
1. 1 x ge45-s-37 single-burner Gas Table
2. 1 x cookware stand (removable)
3. 1 x windbreak
4. 4 x support legs
5. 4 x wing screws for windbreak
6. 4 x clamping levers for support legs
7. 1 x adapter for connection set (gas hose and pressure regulator)
8. 1 x user manual
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