It all began with the high-pressure lamp – the origin of the outdoor adventure at Petromax. 100 years ago, the patent was already applied for – and ever since the simple but fascinating operating principle astonishes people all over the world. The lamp is produced in German manufactory work and offers more than 400 watts lighting power. It combines high-pressure technology with the thirst for adventure. In addition to the HK500 model in chrome and brass you can find here spare parts and accessories as well as diverse electric lamps for the nostalgic charm at home.
Cast iron is the ultimate material when it comes to outdoor cooking! The robust, durable and heat resistant forms are made of grey cast iron and offer the possibility to cook, roast, braise or bake at the campfire. The excellent heat conductivity of the fine-pored cast offers a special quality and thus consistent cooking results. Whether rounded or angled Dutch Ovens or special formed irons for sandwiches, waffles and burgers – here you can find all cast iron products for your outdoor cooking adventure.
Whether at home, on the grill or directly in the fire: The Petromax Skillets offer every possibility for perfect roasting! Depending on the dish and application you can choose between different models and materials. The Wrought-Iron Skillets heat up fast and directly and provide for searing without the release of juices: A lot of heat exactly where you need it! The Fire Skillets made of cast iron are especially suitable for enduring heat storage as well as an even roasting result. The different models are made to be used for cooking in the oven at home as well.
At a fire a hot beverage is a must! With the Petromax Percolators and Kettles, you heat up water or prepare coffee and tea wherever your adventure may be. The lightweight and heat resistant materials play out their full strength directly in the embers, on your grill or on your stove at home. With the hygienic tableware you are well-equipped on the camping site or on your nature excursion. The lightweight equipment fits in every trekking backpack and lets you carry the Petromax dragon with you every time.
Cool Box independent of external energy sources: The Petromax Cool Boxes of the kx-series are ultra-passive cooling systems which reliably support you on your outings into nature. The in-house developed cool boxes are of extreme high performance and work only with commercially available ice cubes, cold packs or dry ice. The robust PE corpus as well as strong PU insulation enable your food and beverages to be cooled for several days. See for yourself here the advantages and features the Petromax Cool Boxes offer.
Cooking with fire – the original way of food preparation. Petromax offers any sort of outdoor kitchen: Fireplaces for safe handling of heat, the right equipment for cooking over your campfire in the woods as well as mobile solutions for your very own path into the adventure! No challenge even for true nomads: The Tent Oven Loki offers a fireplace for tents, tepees and co.

Whether Tripod, Atago, Fire and Griddle Bowl, Dutch Oven Table, Cooking Stand or Fire Stand: Here you can find the basis of any good dish outdoors!
Strong fabrics of natural material: Petromax Loden jackets are made of resistant wool fibres, are spark resistant as well as water-repellent and windproof. The outer material is 100 % of sheep's wool and is produced in Germany – sustainable and without PFC. Additionally, the Petromax Loden clothing is odour-inhibiting, breathable and extremely tough. In short: sustainable and absolute suitable for outdoor adventures! This way to the Loden jackets, the oldest outdoor fabric of the world.
Every fire begins with a spark. Here you can find everything you need to spark off your campfire. Whether you prefer natural materials like the Fire Kit, combustion aids like the Petromax Firegel or a Professional Blowtorch as technical aid – leaping sparks are guaranteed for everyone’s needs! Furthermore, we offer our own coconut briquettes – Cabix Plus. With a high contact surface these briquettes are perfect for cooking with Dutch Ovens and cast-iron forms with lid.
All Petromax products are of highest quality and extremely durable. Find out everything you need for safe handling with fire or to protect your Dutch Ovens and co. Together with the Care Conditioner, Chain Mail Cleaner and Scraper, we moreover provide the right tools for cooking outdoors: With tongs, flexible spatulas, wooden spatula and lid lifter cooking outdoors will be as easy as a piece of cake.

For a variety of the Petromax products we offer suitable transport bags made of tear-proof ripstop fabric for you to be as flexible as possible. This way you are well equipped for your next adventure!
Petromax is the oldest and most widely known manufacturer of high-powered lamps. The long-established lamps are popular due to their bright light and impressive appearance. You can turn night into day with a high-powered lamp by Petromax. Our passion for our product, our respect for the long tradition of our company and the enthusiasm of our customers are key factors for our motivated staff. They are eager to make their contribution so that in future, adventurers and travellers will come together in the light of our lamps to share their experiences.
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