Spare Parts Set HK150

The practical spare parts set for Petromax lamps.
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This 17-parted set for Petromax HK150 with double tie includes all required components to keep your lamp in good condition. You get:

- Clay burner (#3)
- 3 Petromax mantles HK150 (#px101)
- Manometer gasket (#11)
- Valve insert (#17)
- Leather collar (#46)
- Spray nozzle (#50)
- Needle (#68)
- Valve gasket (#83)
- 2 gaskets (#90)
- Graphite pack (#108)
- Carburettor valve gasket (#193)
- Carburettor valve spring (#194)
- Carburettor valve jacket (#195)
- Socket with gasket and screw (#229)

The number behind every component corresponds to its item number but also to its number in the Petromax construction plan.

Technical data
L x W x H (in cm): x x
L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): x x
Weight (in g): 50
Weight with packaging (in g): 50

Scope of delivery
1 x Spare Parts Set HK150
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