Petromax “Dieselhexe” 100-Year Anniversary model truck (Magirus Deutz)

An attractive replica of the Magirus Deutz recounts the history of Petromax
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Anniversary model of the legendary Magirus Deutz, the “Dieselhexe” truck, to mark the founding history of the traditional Petromax brand:
• 1:43 scale model “Dieselhexe” expedition vehicle
• High-quality replica of the original truck
• Limited edition with Petromax design
• 100 years of the High-Pressure Lamp – anniversary edition to coincide with the patenting of the Petromax HK500
• For collectors and fans

The “Dieselhexe” truck has played a decisive role in the history of Petromax as a company: On an adventurous trip, Jonas Taureck was in a Magirus Deutz lorry built in 1963 which broke down in the middle of the African desert. He needed to charge the vehicle’s batteries. In a brightly lit desert village in Niger, instead of electricity he came across the HK500 High-Pressure Lamp which had fallen into oblivion elsewhere. This was a renaissance for Petromax: Jonas Taureck brought the trademark rights and production back to Germany to revive the traditional brand.

Proven expedition vehicle
The Magirus Deutz truck was a popular expedition vehicle. It was rugged, manoeuvrable and spacious enough to carry supplies for a trip lasting several weeks. Jonas Taureck’s vehicle still had an air-cooled, four-stroke Deutz diesel engine for a tour across the African continent for which it was much better suited than the modern water-cooled diesel engines, that are much more sensitive to heat.

Attention to detail
Collectors are sure to be excited by the level of detail. This miniature version of the “Dieselhexe” has a cab-over engine design, the windscreen wipers are part of the body and the front wing features drive rods. Running boards, headlamps, door handles, trim, a large roof rack and a spare wheel – all just like on the original vehicle. Even the numberplate matches: The “MD” stands for Magdeburg, the home of Petromax.
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the HK500 High-Pressure Lamp, Petromax is issuing a 1:43 scale model of the legendary “Dieselhexe” truck. This special limited-edition model is unique and features the characteristic dragon logo and stylised depictions of the HK500.

Collector’s item. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Technical details
Material: zinc, plastic
Dimensions (approx.) (H x W x D): 11.5 x 22 x 11 cm
Dimensions with packaging (display case and base) (approx.) (H x W x D): 11.5 x 22.5 x 11.5 cm
Weight (approx.): 186 g
Weight with packaging (approx.): 399 g
Scope of delivery
1 x “Dieselhexe” – 100-Year Anniversary model truck with base
1 x display case
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